Go Buff, Go Blue! Go GW!

Thanks to the kindness of others, I now own a Limited Edition George Washington bobblehead doll. Only in Washington, DC, my friends, can you obtain a bobblehead doll of a political figure as a promotional giveaway at a professional sporting event. Every other park has hotdogs and Italian sausages running in a foot race….we have larger-than-life caricatures of 3 former Presidents shutting down poor Teddy Roosevelt on a regular basis. I’d rather see Sandra Day O’Connor taking on Thurgood Marshall in a foot race, but who am I? Maybe next season The Green Bag will sponsor a Supreme Court Justices bobblehead promotion…

As an extra special treat today, the Nats beat the Cubs, 6-0, in spite of RFK Stadium being inundated by Cubs “fans.” I seriously doubt that there are more than 17 true Cubs fans in the world — everyone else just says they’re Cubs fans because it’s trendy. I did see one really confused guy wearing a White Sox jersey and hat. Hey buddy, wrong league! We all know that there really are only two types of baseball fans, anyway: those that hate the boys from the Bronx and those that love ’em.

Happy Independence Day!