Snape-mania continues! (no spoilers)

J.K. Rowling’s writing has either greatly improved, or I’ve finally just devoted a solid, un-distracted 20 hours (plus or minus a few hours) to read a Harry Potter book from beginning to end. She’s managed to wrap up the story much tidier than many other modern storytellers, be they authors, screenwriters or television series writers. I am pleased. It was fantastic reading out on a shaded balcony, in 32% humidity weather. I know, dreadful humidity to those from Denver, but simply delightful to those of us who live in a city built on a swamp.

Right now I’m contemplating re-reading some Dickens, to see if some of what’s discussed in Elizabeth Hand’s article in the Washington Post holds true. The **article contains spoilers**. Rowling, like many writers, borrows from a panoply of writers, rather than just one, but there are a few themes that I think would be interesting to explore, like how orphans have fit in society. Oliver Twist, here I come.