They say that when it rains, it pours. And so it does in my life, apparently! On my morning run on Thursday, during which I was going at a rapid (for me) clip due to working out some things in my mind (read: fuming about some recent news I had learned), I got hit by a car driving FORWARDS out of an alley. I’m fine — but after I stared at the driver until she opened her window, she chastised me, saying, “You’re supposed to stop and look both ways before crossing!” Uh, no. As a pedestrian on a sidewalk, I have the right of way, lady, and by the way, since you’re so concerned, I’m fine. Of course, that put me in a fine mood, leaving me with the perverse joy knowing that when I planted my left hand on the car hood, I most likely keyed it

Then I ran the last .7 miles home. Apparently, I was running at such a good clip that it was my fastest per mile training time to date, including getting hit and talking to the woman.

After sharing my story with some friends, it turns out that several of them have also been hit by slow-moving, absent-minded drivers. I find the most funny story to be that of one friend, who was hit days before sitting for the bar exam. Her only concern was whether her hand would be okay for the exam (it was).