Yogic start to 2008

I received two text messages this morning at 2:53AM, sending New Year greetings from the west coast, sort of. One message was from the Navajo reservation in Arizona, and I, for one, never know what time it is there. But the oddity of receiving two messages at the same time, neither of which is midnight anywhere, makes me wonder what’s going on….

I headed off this morning to the mall to return/exchange a Christmas gift. I came back having discovered a store that I thought was new and hip and perhaps a little Boulder-esque (think Outdoor Divas), but then when I got home and looked them up on the internet, I found out that it’s less subversive than I thought. Although, it is Canadian, so maybe that’s subversive in and of itself. I saw yoga mats in the window of Lululemon Athletica and thought, “Hey, my mat is falling apart and has divots (don’t ask – I don’t know how)! I need a new mat.” The salesperson, which the company calls “educators” — err — was uber helpful and we talked about the type of yoga I practiced and where, and I walked out with a new biodegradable (allegedly) mat. And a neat reusable bag that kicks the ass of the Whole Foods bags. And a sticker. I am a sticker fiend. But I still think that Outdoor Divas is cooler.

Oh, and apparently there is a non-odoriferous way for a city dweller like me to have a compost pile under my sink. I’m not about to try.