May the Tallest (Wo)Man Win

I’ve been volunteering on a presidential campaign, although recently I felt more like a glorified pollster than someone caught up in the hustle and bustle of a close political race. And let’s face it, both parties are having close races so far this year. Usually, by the time a primary comes in our general direction in the DC area, things are already determined. I haven’t done the math, but if enough of the Feb. 5 states have proportional distribution of their delegates, it’s possible that for once, DC may matter. And while no one in my office has outwardly said, “I’m voting for [fill in the name of your favorite candidate], we’ve all mused about the fact that this is the first election since 1952 (Ike v. Adlai Stevenson, Jr.) when there hasn’t been an “heir apparent” to the presidency, not that being an heir apparent necessarily helps. We’ve also considered the folk/urban legend of taller candidates winning the general election (no word yet on what’s occurred in primary elections and caucuses). This, of course, led to us wondering whether John McCain was shrinking and how tall Hillary is. Oh, and how tall W is:

Male co-worker: “Well, depending on what you read, he’s either six feet tall or five eleven and a half.”
Female co-worker and me, in unison: “That means he’s five ten.”