Why bother running in a chip-timed race?

Prior to this morning’s early St. Patrick’s day 8K, which was particularly brutal due to the changing of the clocks last night and the breezy 29 degree weather (who knows what the wind chill was), my training for the last two weeks consisted of skiing in Utah with the women of TheSkiDiva.com and waiting around eating snow at altitude when not skiing.

So, imagine my annoyance when I just pulled up the race results online to find my chip time and gun time the same….even though I know that I crossed the starting mat minutes after the gun went off. And lo and behold, everyone’s chip and gun times are the same. While I did keep time on my wrist watch, it’s not particularly accurate because I sort of forgot to stop it as I crossed the finish because I was sort of sucking wind. Sadness.

Edit: After 6+ hours (not that I’m obsessive or anything), the chip times found their ways onto the results page! I started exactly 4:01 minutes after the gun, which made for much maneuvering during the race. Still lots of work to do before Bay to Breakers….