On speed training.

I really have little to contribute on the topic of speed training, other than I’m not great at it. Thursday, I thought I was scheduled for two one-mile repeats, although at the end of the day, long after my run, I realized I was supposed to do six miles, with three miles in there at tempo. This has created utter havoc in my training schedule for B2B, but at least I’ve already bought part of my costume for that and have the excuse of “Oh, it’s just B2B, I was doing that for fun!” I digress.

So I measured out a 1-mile section of the Mall, ran a warmup, did two repeats, and hated nearly every minute of it. The shocking part being my consistency: I did each piece within 30 seconds of each other. And were they faster than what I do my longer runs are, as this NY Times article discusses? I dare say so.

Good luck to the Boston runners tomorrow!