Acclimatize, schmaclimatiize

I’ve long believed that I am a better runner in the mornings, at 70 degrees and 75% humidity, than afternoon/evenings, at 95 degrees and 30% humidity. For whatever reason, the heat (especially the sun beating down on me) made me bonk. On three-mile runs. If that’s not lame (and terrifying, in light of the fact that I’m supposed to be training to run three 3 to 8-mile legs on September 26-27), I don’t know what is. Now I have proof that I am normal.

Of course, late last week, I managed to bruise the crap out of my knee while attempting galavasana (right). I got both legs off the ground and was about to extend the free leg when my core muscles rebelled and mayhem ensued. I came crashing down onto one knee. I actually went for a 5-mile run the following day, but then spent the better part of the weekend with the leg elevated, iced, and worried I would never build up a base for Ragnar. No worries, sports fans, it’s a mere bruise on the knee, and although it’s still a little tender, it’s nothing that a little rest and ibuprofen can’t take care of (says my doc).