Today in yoga class, we had the option of having one of our classmates do some reiki energy stuff to us during savasana. There were only six people in the class, or five potential recipients of the reiki treatment. Not a bad deal, I thought. And really, who cares if you believe in the energy healing or think it’s a load of baloney — it’s not like it can hurt, right?

So, during savasana, I put my hand on my belly to signal that I was open to the reiki practice. I closed my eyes, spread out my arms and legs, and focused on my breathing to bring me to relaxation. For what it’s worth, my breathing felt erratic and too deep to be fully relaxed. Then, all of the sudden, I calmed down. I felt a pleasant buzzing and warmth around my head. My brain felt like it was melting away, and my thoughts were empty and only in the present. My only thought was something like, “Holy cow, this is amazing!! This reiki stuff is so rad!!” This went on for what felt like minutes.

And then I felt someone tap my hand and say, “Namaste, do you want reiki?”

Crap. You mean that wasn’t reiki in effect, and it was just me going into my own meditative state by myself?

So, I acknowledged that I wanted reiki and then had my eyes half open to check out what my classmate was doing. Sadly, it had nothing to do with energy geared towards my head. Her hands hovered over my midsection, and when she was done, she gently pushed my shoulder blades into the floor and lifted my head to extend my neck. I spied her a little longer as she moved to the next student. Her hands hovered over the student’s midsection and there wasn’t any visible treatment going on above the neck.