The Pinnacle of Food and Wine Instruction?

I’ve walked by it all summer long, the new Alta condo building on Thomas Circle, opposite the hooker-laden (still) Washington Plaza Hotel. I’ve even checked out the website to see when it would be opening. And frankly, I’m a little skeptical that it will be opening on time, this “autumn,” with a class schedule to come out later this month. Nevertheless, I wait with bated (not fishy) breath.

CulinAerie (with little accents on the “i’s”) is a new recreational culinary school set to open at 1131 14th Street NW. It bills itself as “the Pinnacle of Food and Wine Instruction.” Hmm….I’m excited to see what there offerings are, and just plain old thrilled that I won’t have to leave the District to take a serious cooking or skills class. All you ever see advertised here are lame “Cooking for Singles!” classes where half the class is trying to separate egg yolk from whites for the first time ever and the other half thought it was a singles mixer in a kitchen and is appalled that they’re cutting up one-person portions of veggies.