End of another era?

I’m a little slow on this news. I was on the elevator this weekend and the woman who rode up with me told me that Olsson’s Books has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It seems like airlines go into and get pulled out of (by the government?) chapter 11 all the time, but DC’s oldest indy book store seems to have really hit hard times, according to this Washington Post article. Admittedly, I don’t really buy many books; the last books I purchased were yoga books, and I begrudgingly bought them online (okay, fine, I just did an online book search at the Olsson’s webpage, and apparently I could have purchased them there…). But I’ve gone to some good book signings at Olsson’s, and having those disappear would be a bummer. Sniffle.

One thought on “End of another era?

  1. It’s a total bummer! They always had great music and swell listening stations where you could actually listen to the whole album before you purchased it. Many an hour of good browsing were spent in Olssons!

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