A change in perspective

I interrupt the Washington to Washington trip recap with a few initial thoughts on Seattle, namely the yoga.  After four (or five?) years of practicing at the same studio in D.C., I am (hopefully temporarily) without a yoga home.  I haven’t found a class that resonates in a “ahh….this is where I’m supposed to be” kind of way, although one has come close.  I wonder if I actually need to walk into an Ashtanga Mysore practice to find that…you know, the same series of poses day after day…building up heat (in one of the rare US cities that’s experiencing an unusually cool summer this year)….

Madison Lake, Yellowstone NP
Regardless, the lack of a yoga home is distressing mostly because I have done only one headstand in the last 3 weeks.  At least it was in Yellowstone (Madison Lake)!  I’ve seen too many people in large classes attempt the pose by kicking up and then toppling over, so perhaps rightly so, the king of asanas has not appeared in any of the sequences at the four classes I’ve taken in the city so far.  And for a variety of reasons, I don’t have a home practice, either.  So I’m left without sirsasana for the time being.
Often we invert to gain a change of perspective.  I’m finding, though, that because I already have a change of perspective of approximately 3000 miles and a few degrees north latitude, that I am craving a steady inversion like sirsasana to be grounded and to connect with what I know.   Hm.

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