Photos from the trail

Before I came out to the Pacific Northwest, everyone raved to me about the summer weather.  Since then, even the natives have been traumatized by the unseasonably cool, and now, wet (read: non-existent) summer.  Like Lewis and Clark, I and my hiking companions — a lovely yogini from DC (Hidden Lake Trail) and the most hardcore woman I know who is, incidentally, too hardcore for a single nickname but will be known as SAR, short for Search and Rescue, which is one of the bazillion hardcore things she does (Tiger Mountain) — forged on ever ho.  For several weekends, I made it into the North and Middle Cascades for a few hikes.  I wound up spending a lot of time in the clouds and mist.

Hidden Lake Trail, North Cascades
Bandera Mountain, Middle Cascades
SAR, on the Tiger Mountain Trail, Middle Cascades

Short drip, no room.

Simply, one of the best things about being in Seattle is the coffee know-how of those who work in coffee shops.  Back home, the closest coffee shop to my office is conveniently across the street.  Inconveniently, I dislike Starbucks drip coffee, and this particular store’s baristas are among the more incompetent that I’ve experienced.

Here, I’ve been thrilled that every barista not only knows what a “short” is but also is in stock of short disposable cups.  I know, I know…what was I doing without a reusable travel mug?  Well, I’d been looking for the right one: a mix of utilitarian and individualism.  Something that said me.

Last week, I found my travel mug in Herkimer Coffee.  It’s a short size!  They really exist!  Okay, you can stop with the short jokes now.