Photos from the trail

Before I came out to the Pacific Northwest, everyone raved to me about the summer weather.  Since then, even the natives have been traumatized by the unseasonably cool, and now, wet (read: non-existent) summer.  Like Lewis and Clark, I and my hiking companions — a lovely yogini from DC (Hidden Lake Trail) and the most hardcore woman I know who is, incidentally, too hardcore for a single nickname but will be known as SAR, short for Search and Rescue, which is one of the bazillion hardcore things she does (Tiger Mountain) — forged on ever ho.  For several weekends, I made it into the North and Middle Cascades for a few hikes.  I wound up spending a lot of time in the clouds and mist.

Hidden Lake Trail, North Cascades
Bandera Mountain, Middle Cascades
SAR, on the Tiger Mountain Trail, Middle Cascades

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