Short drip, no room.

Simply, one of the best things about being in Seattle is the coffee know-how of those who work in coffee shops.  Back home, the closest coffee shop to my office is conveniently across the street.  Inconveniently, I dislike Starbucks drip coffee, and this particular store’s baristas are among the more incompetent that I’ve experienced.

Here, I’ve been thrilled that every barista not only knows what a “short” is but also is in stock of short disposable cups.  I know, I know…what was I doing without a reusable travel mug?  Well, I’d been looking for the right one: a mix of utilitarian and individualism.  Something that said me.

Last week, I found my travel mug in Herkimer Coffee.  It’s a short size!  They really exist!  Okay, you can stop with the short jokes now.