On Online Photo Contests….

At the end of April, I was online shopping for yoga pants.  This means that I was on the Athleta online store because it’s the only store I know whose petite length pants means “perfect for my legs.”  Until I discovered Athleta, I always did yoga in shorts, à la Iyengar practitioners, because at least shorts were not often too long.  So, two weeks ago, while I was online shopping, I saw a banner for a Facebook photo contest.   In a nutshell, submit a photo, write your fitness goals in the caption and get votes.  The top 10 vote-getters would then be considered for the grand prize, chosen by Athleta judges, and grand prize was a workout outfit for the winner’s sport of choice and a to/fro outfit.  So, I figured, what the heck.  I was going to buy clothes anyway, why not see what buzz I could generate on the interwebs about myself.
I submitted this photo that the Transporter took  when we drove through Grand Teton National Park last July.  Yes, I know that my foot is in the wrong place for vrksasana….balance is not my thing.  It should be noted that I am wearing Athleta pants in the photo, although I think it was the 4th or 5th day in a row…  Unfortunately, I sort of messed up with the caption for the contest – I didn’t put down my fitness goals, which, in case you’re interested, include getting a PR in the Army 10-Miler this year.  But, I did manage to come in 6th place in the contest, with over 70 votes coming in the final morning of the contest!  What a surprise!
See, Generation Xers, which I and most of the people whom I know are, are sort of hit or miss when it comes to social networking – some of us have embraced it with gusto and others, not so much.  When we started college, the internet existed mostly in BBS form, NCSA Mosaic was the only web browser, and the final project in Comp Sci 101 classes across campuses was to build a web page.  So, I had no idea whether I’d get more than a few votes (thanks, Mom!).  In the end, I’m thrilled at the number of people who voted for me, and keeping my fingers crossed that Athleta chooses me (the winner is announced May 11).

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