Weirdest Running Injury Yet

Never thought I’d get this sort of running injury — chafed back!

Oh, man.  The latest running injury is a doozy. 
So, this morning was incredibly humid, as though the atmosphere did not know whether to rain.

I knew that I had gotten sunburn (top, and yes, that’s a burn on me; I am making up
for the vitamin D deficiency I acquired in Seattle) over the weekend up by my neck, so when a spot on my back started stinging after 2 miles this morning, I assumed that it was the sunburn, sweat, and Camelback combo.  Actually, it was the racerback tank, sweat, and Camelback combo, which makes sense because I’d only worn technical tee’s when running with my Camelback in the past.  Ooof.  Now I have practically a hole in my back.