Just Another Manic Wednesday

Well, the tweet basically sums up my Wednesday.

I knew going in that I had a slim, outside chance of being chosen for Nuun’s all-female, all-blogger Hood to Coast — the mother of all relays — team.  After all, this blog was dormant for a year, only to be revived again as I moved out west…and then pretty silent afterward.  And, well, the topics on here aren’t exactly focused, either.  Then there was the whole running thing, which has been on hiatus as well.  Finally, my readers are more of the lurking type, rather than the chirpy commenting type, which makes sense because I know who you are, and half of you can’t tell me what your real jobs are, anyway.

Moments before Nuun was to announce the team (which turned into teams), a yogi pal emailed, saying that he and two other friends of his had, in a fit of optimism, just registered for the Virginia Tough Mudder in October.  I was already jittery from the impending announcement, but I looked at the Tough Mudder website, the dates of the event, gasped at the actual obstacles, checked my calendar (saw that I had cross training scheduled for that day), and closed my web browser.

Then I picked up some lunch.

Some 15 minutes later, I peeked at Nuun’s blog and saw that it had posted its list of 20 bloggers who would be racing Hood to Coast under the electrolyte replacement drink’s auspices.

I ate my lunch.  Hey, at least now I didn’t need to shell out major cashish this summer to fly out to Seattle, and I could go to the Brian Kest workshop at StudioDC that I had already paid for that weekend.  And I hardly embarrassed myself in the process.  I think.

After lunch, I got an email from Nuun.  They thanked me for my application and are sending me a care package…now that’s pretty cool.  Is it too much to ask for a pair of these rad socks, too?

See, I’ll need a pair for Tough Mudder.  That’s right.  While I was multitasking post-lunch, I signed myself up for the endurance test.  Except, I accidentally signed myself up for the SATURDAY race, rather than the Sunday one that my friends are in!  Ack!!  Seriously, I don’t think I can make it through the course without my friends….the second “obstacle” involves getting hit with a pressure hose.  Uhm, I’m all of 97 pounds — that thing is going to knock me over.  And that’s only the second obstacle.  What have I gotten myself into??