Llama, Llama, Dalai Lama

Despite being a four-day work week, this week wiped me out.  I subbed 3 yoga classes, spent at least 35 hours at my full-time job, pretended to increase my running base, and didn’t eat enough last night, although I didn’t figure out this last tidbit until I ate lunch #1 today (which also means that I didn’t eat enough for breakfast and was fooled into thinking I was dehydrated).  

At any rate, I had decided not to set an alarm, see what time I woke up, and determine at that time whether it made sense to do my long run in the morning or early evening.  Well, I woke up “naturally” at 7:45am this morning, with a mild headache.  The sun was already broadly shining, and because I was feeling way less than stellar, I shifted the run to the early evening.

I took the unexpected early-ish wakeup as a sign that I should attend His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s Talk for World Peace on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.  The talk was a part the Dalai Lama’s visit for the 2011 Kalachakra for World Peace and drew a solid crowd.  Most of the other events have taken or will take place at the Verizon Center.  Although the first days of the ritual are spent conducting prayers and blessings to consecrate the ceremonial venue, it’s the Verizon Center for crying out loud.  I mean, I’ve seen countless concerts and Caps games there.  I’m particularly sensitive to place, and it would just be weird.  So, I’m glad the Dalai Lama had a public event outdoors, and that I made it out to the Capitol this morning.