Stop the presses! I got a Garmin!

It wasn’t long ago that at this very URL, I professed not to be a gadget girl.  Well, over the weekend, I acquired a Garmin Forerunner 210 with heart rate monitor.  I’m still not gadget girl, though.  Among other things, I’ve proven to be too impatient to wait for the GPS to pick up satellites in the urban canyons (and haze) of DC.  And, in an ideal world, a GPS watch wouldn’t be larger than the width of my wrist.  But, the local running store told me that this was the smallest profile Garmin with GPS, and this advice was consistent with my fastidious online research (aka, reviewing DC Rainmaker’s blog).  So there you go.  I’ve entered the 21st Century.  Now, if only the Garmin would make me run faster and jump higher…

If I wore this on my ankle, I would look like someone on house arrest.

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