Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirts, Meet the Virginia Tough Mudder

I’ve never run a road race in a skirt nor do I plan to, so it’s a good thing that the Tough Mudder is not a road race but rather an off-road endurance event.  See, during a moment of weakness, I registered for the Virginia Tough Mudder in October.  And now, I’ve arranged it so that I’m doing the endurance event in one of Team Sparkle‘s Traveling Skirts!

Now, in addition to simply worrying about whether I will survive the endurance event with all my ligaments and bones attached, I need to also worry about making Team Sparkle proud and keep on a sparkly skirt with wicked mojo as I scale walls more than twice my height so I can pass the mojo (literally the skirt itself) on to another woman via snail mail.  I promise to rinse the mud out first!