Recomboblation Area

Originally I was going to rave about how awesome my run was yesterday. It was one of those training runs where less than a quarter mile in, you just know it’s going to feel good. After running sucking wind at altitude last week, hanging out in the Milwaukee Airport waiting for Godot on Friday, and then a disastrous long run midday on Sunday where I was pretty close to “browning” out (my version of passing out – I can still hear and move and stuff, just can’t see) due to low BP and probably dehydration, Monday’s three-miler at sea level and 75˚F was an unexpected treat. And my legs knew it.  I was recombobulated! Yay!

General Mitchell International Airport, just after TSA security screening. 

Then the Virginia earthquake hit today, rattled me, and more tragically, decapitated my Olie Kolzig bobblehead! Seriously, how am I going to replace this??

Good thing I have earthquake insurance.
I’m hoping I can re-recombobulate and take advantage of what’s forecasted to be another awesome morning to throw together decent mile repeats tomorrow before the hurricane comes through over the weekend and the locusts arrive early next week.