Race month is here! In the words of my favorite turtleslug, YIKES!
2008 logo of the DC Ragnar Relay Turtleslugs.
I broke my tailbone New Year’s Day 2010, right when I was planning to return to running after a one-year layoff. And the cause of the first layoff was a combination of burnout and other injuries. So, right now I’m thrilled that I made it to October without any running (or skiing or yoga)-related injuries.
Getting back into running shape wasn’t easy, and actually, having not yet been tested, I’m nervous that I’m still not there. Training for October’s races messed with with my head…a LOT, and I’m already slightly neurotic to begin with. There were lows, like last Saturday’s double, and highs, like this past Wednesday’s tempo run, when I re-discovered the art of focusing on a different aspect of technique for each mile (more on this later – it derives from nearly a decade of being a crew coxswain and coaching).
Here’s what October looks like:
October 9, 2011 – Army Ten Miler
October 23, 2011 – Tough Mudder Virginia
October 30, 2011 – Marine Corps Marathon 10K 
Uhm, yeah. I had naïvely thought that I could register for the MCM 10K a month before the race, but when I checked in online today to register, I couldn’t find the registration button to save my life. Then I realized that the damn race was ALREADY FULL. Bloody hell. I would kick myself about this one, except that’s unyogic (ahimsa), and one less race in October is probably a blessing in disguise…