On Tapering….

Wow. The Universe is working very diligently to ensure that I taper this week before the Army 10-Miler.
Confession: Although I’ve run made it through 2 Army 10-Milers, I’ve never run more than 8 miles in training. Ever.  
New Milestone: On Saturday, I ran just over 10 miles in some pretty raw weather. I even chafed up my legs for the first time ever, and I’m pretty sure I’ve run in all possible weather conditions, other than a sandstorm. I’m not sure that the chafing is that great a milestone, but it’s better that it happened on a training run than during a race, right? 
At any rate, I was pretty pumped after the 10 miles, and even better, I was going to have dinner with friends later that night to kick off our quarterly bar crawl. I, being lame, was just going for dinner, but I made up for it by ordering the wine pairings for my prix fixe 3-course meal. 

Note from our server on Saturday night.

The rest of the week is a taper:

Sunday: Cross-training, which I’ve interpreted as 1 hour of Pilates jump board  – think plyos on a reformer machine. Done. Thank you Fuse Pilates!
Monday: 1.25 hours of Rocket yoga (an offshoot of Ashtanga). The Universe started to communicate with me.
Tuesday: 2 mile easy run. 
Wednesday: 1 hour of jump board.
Thursday: 3 miles, with 1 mile at roughly 9 minute mile pace.
Friday: 1-2 miles easy.
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: RACE!
As I mentioned above, the Universe is making sure that I taper, and instead of practicing Rocket yoga this morning, I walked out of class. Being a yoga teacher myself, I am empathetic when a class doesn’t go as the teacher planned. But, today, about 25 minutes into class, the teacher got kicked in the face as she was assisting a student into forearm stand (needless to say, that person didn’t get into forearm stand) and left class. Another student stepped in and taught, but it was wasn’t working for me…and I left a yoga class for my first time ever. I was actually conflicted about what to do.
Anyway, right now I’m a little antsy, but in general, I’m good at following training plans, especially the taper. I feel like that’s when I can get caught up on other aspects of life. And, I mean, the season premiere of House is on tonight, too.
So there you go, Universe. I appreciate the nudge, but there’s no need to go around injuring my favorite yoga teachers to make sure that I’m tapering.