Run Like It’s 2008 (aka Army Ten-Miler Goals)

Race day is tomorrow!

My last Army Ten-Miler, in 2009, was a disaster, mostly because it all came apart after 6 miles. This is what happens when you don’t train, kids. I’d raced reasonably well in 2008 and got in a faster wave for 2009. But when everything came apart after 6 miles, it was, uhm, challenging to see everyone passing me for the next four miles.

2008: 1:33:49
2009: 1:50:21

In retrospect, I was a faster slow person than I thought. In my head, I was 20 minutes slower in 2009 than in 2008. You know, because 50 minus 30 is 20. The reality is that I was just over 16 and a half minutes slower. Love how we beat ourselves up, huh?

The massive decrease in speed was caused by a number of reasons excuses that I can no longer accurately remember….injuries, burnout, etc. I was planning to redeem myself in 2010, but then on January 1, 2010, I broke my tailbone on marble steps in Chile, which made running a literal pain in the ass for most of the year, despite the physical therapy.
I re-began running in earnest this year in April. So far, I haven’t run in any timed races. This means that I have no idea what I’m capable of in a race situation, but I ran 10 miles in wet, chilly, and windy conditions last Saturday in 1:42, including waiting for traffic. Arguably, the wait gave me time to rest, especially in the last two miles, which is why I include it in my time.  I know others wouldn’t.

Given that my training has been more about regaining an aerobic base and completing my miles, rather than speeding them up, I think it’s highly unlikely that I’ll break 1:30.  Don’t worry, it’s still a goal for the 10-mile distance.

The weather forecast is sunny with temps topping out at 81˚… so probably high 50s during the early part of the race to low 60s during the rest of the race, and just plain old wicked hot on the 14th Street Bridge. I need to remember my sunglasses!

So, my goal is to finish somewhere in that 16 and a half minute range between 1:50:21 and 1:33:49. Hee hee. Way to set the bar high.
I’m hoping to stick a 10-minute mile, have a slight kick, and with any luck finish under 1:40, although a lot depends on how I react to the bright sun on the interminable bridge. I don’t think a personal best is realistic this time around, but, hey, a cherry on top if it happens!

Happy racing to everyone headed out this weekend!