Virginia Tough Mudder Goals

I’ve been generally confused as to who will be heading south tomorrow with me to tackle Tough Mudder at Wintergreen Resort. I mean, I know that I will be in a car driven by a pal who generously offered to drive and spectate. I just don’t know if other people – like the Artist who originally registered with me – will be joining us in the hotel and car.

I have a 9:40am Sunday start, and I’m not going to mince words:

I’m terrified.
I can handle mud and 9 miles of traipsing up and down ski slopes. It’s the falling from obstacles and possibly busting an ankle (like all these people on Facebook are saying happened at the Pennsylvania event when one of the pools wasn’t deep enough) that scares me. And these photos they posted earlier this week:

This only looks innocuous. Click on the photo
to see the rest of the album.

Sunday’s forecast is temps in the mid 60s and sunny after hitting a low of near freezing. It’ll be chilly at the start, no doubt. I know it sounds ridiculous because I’ll be muddy and drenched, but I’m glad I’m not doing this in the rain.

The National Weather Service forecast as of today.
Plus, the shining sun will really let me kick this one in style with the hot pink Team Sparkle Traveling Skirt. Woohoo! Go Team Sparkle!
I feel like I need to add a “KAPOW!” or “ZOWIE!
In Comic Sans, of course.

Despite my over-thought guaranteed-to-succeed strategies, I really am nervous about this. Like, nervous enough that if I think about it too much, I feel like puking (this has been going on since Monday, by the way).

My main goal is to survive. This goal is followed closely by “emerge with all my bones and ligaments attached, to paraphrase a woman I know as Volklgirl. Actually, now that I think about it, I should add “…and with no concussion.” After that, it’s to have fun. And finish. With the Artist, if he’s there. For kicks, I’ll throw in finishing in under 3 hours as another goal, and in under 2 and a half hours as the cherry on top, although realistically, there will be points when I’m just hanging out waiting to get onto obstacles, and I’ll be with a couple of pals.

Then I plan to drink the Dos Equis that’s handed to me at the finish line like a rock star. And breathe.