Tuesday Thoughts

My apologies for appearing as though I’ve fallen off the edge of the Earth (it’s flat, right?) this month. After mocking my pals for bailing on Tough Mudder because Life caught up with them, Life caught up with me. Good thing I don’t rely on blogging for a livelihood, otherwise I’d be eating Saltines to stay alive.
But, during my online absence, I met a handful of tweeters and bloggers in real life, like Justin of Justin Runs DC (we work in the same building), Chloe of 321delish (she took a job at possibly my most favorite place in the world to buy yoga pants, Athleta, which just opened a store in Georgetown), and Amy of, well, her namesake website/blog (given than I [heart] skiing, I was utterly delighted to meet her). I also bumped into Emily of Sweat Once a Day about a gazillion times at Fuse Pilates, where she continues to amaze me with how hardcore she is even while nursing a broken foot. It’s always a treat to meet the person behind the blog/tweets!
Speaking of Fuse, I’ve been doing a little blogging for them as one of their ambassadors. This means that I’m there a lot, not that I necessarily have Emily’s abs any actual core strength to write home about! Other than the ability to do a few Roll Ups, of course. Never fear, though, they’re telling me that I’ll be able to knock out a few more Roll Ups by the end of the year.
More importantly, I got in some early season ski stoke, starting with a screening of this year’s WME flick and the purchase of a new Dakine ski pack (which was naturally followed by an immediate test packing of said ski pack). I also planned some ski trips and got some info on a camp that I’ve been eyeing for the past year: the Next Level Freeskiing Camp at Squaw with pros Ingrid Backstrom and Jessica Sobolowski-Quinn in early January. I didn’t attend last year because I was hitting the Roxy All-Star Snow Camp up at Whistler that weekend, which was my first all-women’s camp and an awesome experience. I’m psyched to go to the Squaw camp this year but nervous as to whether I’m a solid enough skier…gah, the perpetual challenge of rating oneself as a skier!
Finally, I started sketching out some running goals for next year that I’m pretty excited about….stay tuned!