‘Twas the Night Before My Next 8K…

Bib pickup for the Jingle All the Way 8K
‘Twas the Night Before my next 8K, 
And all I could think was “Well, come what may.”
I had great intentions of picking up my pace,
But now I’m not sure how I’ll fare in this race.

Hacking coughs and sore ribs thwarted race prep,
I pretty much had everything short of strep.
And yet ever the optimist, I’m going to run,
If I don’t freeze my bum, the race should be fun.

Actually, I was laying in bed this morning, half awake and listening to the radio, when the traffic report came on. There were Metro delays on some section of all four lines. What else is new? Then the traffic reporter said something that made me shoot out of bed: “And, there’s a race going on downtown today – the Jingle All the Way 8K – so watch out for road closures down by Freedom Plaza. It gets underway in about an hour.”

Wha–? I thought the race was tomorrow! I panicked and frantically ran around the apartment, and grabbed the race t-shirt to check the race date – December 11, 2011. They wouldn’t distribute a shirt with the wrong date, would they? Then I checked the calendar, phone, and Google Calendar to make sure that today was, in fact, December 10.

Ever the yogini, I took a big inhale.


But, the traffic person on WAMU kept saying that the race was today. In fact, a little after 9am, she even said the race was underway. Sigh. This wasn’t exactly like the radio broadcast of the War of the Worlds, but I did wonder whether I’d slept for 30 hours straight.

After I was sufficiently convinced that I had not missed the race, I headed over to the new Athleta store in Georgetown, where Runner’s World’s Kathleen Jobes hosted a winter running clinic and led a short run along the C&O Canal towpath. I’m happy to report that the ribs feel okay. And that Kathleen and the other women at the clinic were awesome. Oh, and that another woman from the clinic is running the 8K tomorrow as well.

With Kathleen Jobes of Runner’s World

In light of having inflamed rib cartilage this week and being sick for the 2 weeks before that, my only goals for tomorrow are to cross the finish line and to have fun.