Incipio: 31 Days of Adventure

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, the Next Level ski camp at Squaw next weekend with Jessica Sobolowski-Quinn, Ingrid Backstrom, and Michelle Parker – three women who absolutely rip on the slopes – was canceled. I’d been looking forward to this camp for months, but sadly, there’s just zero snow at Squaw, and I don’t think the cancellation was a huge surprise to anyone glued to the snow reports. Alas. Coincidentally, my dreams of skiing big lines with some rockstar women was snuffed by email a few minutes before my first email from the gals at 31 Days of Adventure. What’s that cliché? One door closes and another opens or something?

I signed up for 31 Days of Adventure last week without knowing anything about it other than a few women who I follow on Twitter were doing it and an intentionally vague blurb on the website. The brainchild of Amy at Expand Outdoors and Lydia of Wander Lydia, the gist of the project is that while some adventures are larger than life, others are right in our backyards. It’s a reminder that we don’t need to take overnight flights to the end of the world – or to Squaw, I suppose – to feed our quests for adventure.

To that end, 31 Days of Adventure is posting an adventure a day to kick off 2012, or you can get your daily adventure in your inbox. Here’s what showed up today:

Ah, a change in perspective for the New Year!

2 thoughts on “Incipio: 31 Days of Adventure

  1. Sorry to hear about your Squaw trip. Actually, I have been at North Lake Tahoe (Tahoe Vista) since Dec 20th for my wedding/Christmas/ski trip. Even had people from New York come to 'ski'. Alas, there has been no snow and they aren't predicting any for at least 20 more days. So, we have been creating and finding our own adventures and, like the 31 Days of Adventure we've found some amazing and memorable moments even without the snow. Thanks for introducing me to this month long adventure!

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