Ski Less, Run More?

Faux snow report from the Squaw website.

To state the obvious, I’m not skiing at Squaw today. Earlier this week, I cancelled my flight to the Biggest Little City in the World – the always lovely Reno, Nevada – and instead of spending last night in a flying tin can, I camped out on my couch after some Fuse Pilates (where I ran into boot-less Emily – how awesome is that for her??!), watching Grey’s Anatomy with a Sweetgreen grain bowl in hand. My 2011-2012 ski season is off to a ridiculously slow start. 

Years ago, I was quoted in my college newspaper as referring to myself as a hermit in the winter. It’s still true. I dial back on running, ski instead, and practice more yoga. I have little desire to run in the dark, so the crazy scheme works out. Except when the snow doesn’t fall. Or even when it’s too warm to make snow.
In past winters, when I did run, it was only two times a week until it started getting light earlier in the mornings in late February (only to have daylight savings time thwart me a few weeks later in March). One night a week was with the Washington Runhers winter maintenance program, and the other run was a 4 to 6-mile easy run on Saturday or Sunday, whichever day I wasn’t skiing.

This year, I feel the urge to take advantage of the mild temps and run both weekend days – one trail run and one road run – in addition to the mid-week Runhers winter maintenance. I’ve got my work cut out for me if I plan to run a trail race in late spring (hello! I hate hills!). And, I’m totally getting my money’s worth with the winter maintenance program. The coach figured out my name the first week that I showed up and has been promptly calling me out ever since. That’s a good thing, right?

So there it is. Mother Nature has dictated that so far this winter, I’ll be running more.

2 thoughts on “Ski Less, Run More?

  1. Ahhh, I am bummed about the lack of snow too. We are literally 2 hours drive away form Squaw AND have a $200 giftcard burning a hole in our pocket!! Luckily, being this close, it won't hurt to wait a little longer (Feb it might snow). SO, I dusted off the running shoes and hit the treadmill last night (it was 7:30 pm too late to run outside) and got in a few miles. It's been about 2 months since I've run, I've been doing Insanity and KettleBells in an effort to drop some body fat and cross train. I too have decided to focus on some trail runs (perhaps a 1/2 mary trail) this year instead of road races in preparation for Mt. Shasta! Happy running!!

  2. Thanks, L! It's just one of those dry land training years (so far). Hopefully the west will get some precip soon, though, otherwise this summer is going to be brutal! Good luck with your training.

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