31 Days of Adventure: Week 1

The first full week of 31 Days of Adventure has concluded, and here’s what happened:
Day 2 – Monday, January 2

Notice the little things

It’s often easy to overlook the little things as we go about our days. Today’s adventure invites you to pause and notice the littlest things: The way the light comes in the window. The rise and fall of your chest as you breath (or maybe the breath of whoever else is in the room). The patterns made by the trees. How do the little things add adventure to your day? What have you discovered that you missed before?
More often than not, I’m drinking a cold soy chai or water out of a pint glass that looks like this. I’ve never noticed that bubble in the glass before…

Day 3 – Tuesday, January 3

Remap your route

Ever feel like you’re totally stuck in a rut and doing the same thing day in and day out? For your daily adventure today, consider a different means of transportation to work (or school). Can you bike? Walk? Take a bus or carpool? Or, if you can’t do that, take a different (maybe more scenic) route and see what you discover.
Having lived and worked in the same places for a number of years, I’ve already taken the most direct routes between the two. But I rarely take this bus in this direction, especially on a day that much of the city’s inhabitants are returning to work after the holiday break. Today, two pre-schoolers got on the bus at my stop with an adult, and another passenger decided to launch into an 8-block soliloquy on why there should be school buses for city kids.
Day 4 – Wednesday, January 4

Stretch your brain

It’s often said that knowledge is power. What have you learned recently? For today’s adventure, learn something new.
Today the Capital Weather Gang tweeted that although the radar for areas north/northeast of DC showed precipitation, the anticipated snow showers or flurries weren’t making it to the ground. Why? Because it’s “virga.” Sigh.
Day 5 – Thursday, January 5

Get foodie with it

The colors and aromas of ethnic cuisines from around the world can open us up to all kinds of adventure. For today’s adventure, try a new food. 
I wasn’t able to get to this adventure on Thursday, but on Saturday night, I hit a local Burmese restaurant and had Ohno Kaukswe, Apollo’s long lost cousin an egg noodle, broth, and coconut milk soup. It was pretty delish!
Day 6 – Friday, January 6

Rock out to a new beat

Break out of your regular playlist and listen to new music today. Check out your local venues and go see a new band. Change your Pandora station to something you’ve never heard of. Listen to an opera in its entirety.
Oh man. My taste in music is stuck somewhere in the 90s. Or 70s. Or somewhere in between. About all I’m good for is karaoke. After a Twitter-based plea, Amy and Deb came to the rescue. Amy recommended The Jezabels. I pulled them up on iTunes and listened to a few samples. Not bad.  Deb recommended (via Paige) African Essentials on Pandora. This is where I admit that I have never used Pandora. I’m a lost cause.
In the end, I stayed true to my NPR roots. I pulled up the music page to see what was going on. Lo! Primus on World Cafe! I don’t think I’ve ever listened to World Cafe. So I did. 
Then I realized that even if I’ve never listened to World Cafe, Primus was definitely in my familiarity zone. So then I streamed The Mix: The Sounds of globalFEST.
Done. Not my usual playlist.

Day 7 – Saturday, January 7

Heighten your awareness
Today is all about adventures for the senses. Focus on all your senses today. What does the air smell like? Can you pick out particular sounds in your environment? What car is rattling? Which one has the bass booming? What color is dominating your landscape today?
It hit a whopping 68˚F today, so I actually got to wear a tank top on a run, in January. Feeling 68˚F air on my arms in early January while at “home”? A little weird for someone who has lived her entire life above the 38th parallel.
Day 8 – Sunday, January 8

Expand Your Circle

Have breakfast, lunch or dinner with someone you don’t know well. Whether it’s the colleague you’ve been meaning to get to know, or an acquaintance you made at a recent social event, take the opportunity to spend time with someone outside your normal circles.
I met some gals back in December, when the new Athleta store in Georgetown was hosting a winter running clinic. One of them organized a group run for this morning, making it pretty easy for me to have a meal with people I don’t know well, or at all, for that matter. After nearly 7.5 miles, we pulled into a Mexican grill for some breakfast. YUM. I’m pretty certain that I could live on just breakfast sandwiches and good conversation.

I’m blogging weekly recaps of my 31 Days of Adventure on Mondays, but if you can’t wait until next Monday, I’m tweeting my daily adventures at @usuallystephani with the hashtag #31adventures.

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Adventure: Week 1

  1. Nice recap, Stephanie! Great to hear what others are doing for their adventures. I had trouble with the music one as well. I tried new stations on the radio and just couldn't stand the pop music. Yuck! Well, there's a reason I listen to the music I do. 🙂 Ended up listening to an Irish folk music CD which wasn't actually totally new.

    I'm planning a recap on my blog as well in the next few days, so I'll tweet it when it's up. Happy Adventuring!

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