How I Spent My Holiday Weekend

Having taken care of errands on Friday, I was able to spend Saturday, Sunday and Monday doing the following: run, Fuse Pilates, eat, make two types of soup, eat, sleep, eat, run, vinyasa yoga, lose keys (ack!), try to stay warm and not bonk, find keys (yay!), eat, teach yoga, assist restorative yoga, eat, sleep, eat, SKI, snack, snack, snack, Iyengar yoga, eat, sleep.

Yes, you read it right! I got in Day 1 of the 2011-2012 ski season! I don’t usually blog about my run of the mill ski days, but as you can tell from the pics, it was epic, you know, just like all the skiing in the U.S. outside of the PNW has been until this week. Behold! The awesomeness of skiing in the mid-Atlantic!

R-L, Ben, Becky and I head up for run 1.
Uhm, yeah.
Redefining the phrase “blower pow.” Also, I swear I’m
moving my weight forward. And keeping my hands up.

I’m entered in a Facebook photo contest for a ski trip to snowy Whistler. Please help a mid-Atlantic girl out (I mean, come on, check out the conditions I’m skiing in!) and vote for my entry. You can cast a vote EVERY day until midnight, Mountain Time, February 1. Thanks!!

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