31 Days of Adventure: Week 3

Week 3 of the 31 Days of Adventure was a major fail for me. Other than Monday, which I had off from work, I basically was unable to complete any of the prompts on the day of, or at all. On the other hand, the prompts got me thinking of stuff to try out, like trapeze. In late December, I told Susannah of Running Around the World that I’d try trapeze with her, and I need to make good on that Twitter promise.

Day 16 – Monday, January 16
Witness the painting of the sky

Today’s adventure is in three steps:

1. Today: Scout out a nice spot to see the sunrise.
2. Tonight: Before you go to sleep, set your alarm clock extra early.
3. Tomorrow morning: Get to your spot before the sun does.

Watch the sun rise.

Where did you choose to go? What colors do you see? If this was a familiar place, was it different than usual? In what way? If it was new, what did you love about it? Why did you choose it?

The forecast was not looking good for watching a sunrise on Tuesday morning, so I took advantage of a pre-dawn drive to the ski hill (Day 1!) to catch a photo of the rising sun behind us. I’ve driven this route countless times and even seen the sunrise from my rear-view mirror. Today may have been the first time that I’d watch the sun rise as a passenger.

Day 17 – Tuesday, January 17

The birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees
Today’s adventure takes us outside (sensing a theme yet?): Find a nearby trail to hike and notice the nature/wildlife.

Can you identify the trees? Which ones still have leaves on them? What’s growing on the ground? Are the nests in any of the trees?

For the first time in 2 weeks, I didn’t do any trail running on the weekend, and so I don’t didn’t hit any trails.

Day 18 – Wednesday, January 18

Throw away the directions

So you think you know your neighborhood? Today we invite you to explore your hometown (and beyond). Take a drive (or a bike ride) without a map. If you’re with someone, take turns choosing which direction to go when you reach an intersection.

Bonus: Park when the feeling is right and go explore on foot.

Extra bonus: For a different kind of adventure, try this on a trail. (Just remember to bring a map and compass!)

There was no time to do this today, and I’d have to drive a bit before getting someplace that I’d never explored
and where I wouldn’t think that my safety was an issue. But, as an honorable mention, my brother and I did drive around Newark, New Jersey, one time sans map and Smartphone, hit a detour, thought we were lost, and miraculously found the interstate that we wanted. In a residential neighborhood. Of course.

Day 19 – Thursday, January 19

More than a trillion choices

Our world is full of many colors. Have you noticed lately?

Choose your favorite color for the day and head outside to take note of all the places and ways it shows up in your world. What are the different shades? Where do they appear? Be sure to look up, down and under. Take a picture of your favorite.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, take at least five pictures of your color and share them with others.
First, I had a tough time choosing a color. Green popped into my head. Then purple. Then, I interpreted the prompt as finding those colors not only outside but also in nature, and I wondered how on earth I’d find anything living in D.C. that was not currently brown. It turns out that shrubs are still green. And there are plenty of green traffic lights in the city.

Day 20 – Friday, January 20

Get your blood flowing

Today we’re going to get our bodies moving.

Try a new sport or outdoor activity today (or one you haven’t done in years). Run one mile. Rent snowshoes and go for a hike. Maybe there’s an ice skating rink or perfect hill for sledding near you. Ever tried curling? Bicycle polo? Skijoring?

What sport have you always wondered what it might be like to try? What are you waiting for? Go try it!

I can’t get my act together fast enough to wake up and say, “Hey! I’m going to try a new sport or outdoor activity today!” and actually do it.  But, I’ve been planning to try trapeze at TSNY once my pinched nerve disappears. Until then, it’s running, yoga, pilates, and skiing for this girl!

Day 21 – Saturday, January 21

Wish upon a star

For your adventure today, set your alarm for 1:00am. Head outside and check out the constellations.

If you’re in the city (or it’s too cloudy) and you can’t see the night sky, see how many constellations you can name. Grab a constellation book (or consult the Internet) to learn more.

Ah, urban living + cloudy skies = no constellations. I know that the only ones I can identify are the Big and Little Dippers, and Orion.

Day 22 – Sunday, January 22

Get out the play

Play outside for 30 minutes today! Need inspiration? Pretend you’re a kid again and remember the outdoors is full of “natural” toys waiting to come to life with a bit of imagination. 

All work and no play make Stephanie a dull girl.

Actually, today was a crazy raw day: there were a few flakes in the morning, but otherwise it was freezing drizzle. All. Day. Long. Subpar outdoor play conditions. I’m taking a raincheck on this one.

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  1. That is so not a major fail! You did colors, and the sunrise! And yes, I think filing the prompts away for future use is totally acceptable. (Yay trapeze school!) I couldn't come up with a new sport that fast either. I think I've already done every winter sport. 🙂

    Awesome recap, Stephanie. Keep up with the adventuring!

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