First Forays into Editing Ski Videos

The past few days, I took a crack at editing video footage that a friend took while we were at Big Sky. This was the first time I edited any substantial amount of video. It was also the first time that I had no idea what footage I was dealing with, so I had to sift through all of it.
My friend’s camera is embedded in the goggles, which offers (I think) a different vantage point than you get from a helmet cam or chestie harness. Everything is from the goggle wearer’s point of view, which makes you realize how much your head moves, even when standing around. From a goggle cam, a simple head nod turns into a minor earthquake. And while “stabilizing” the image after the fact while editing the video is, in theory, a great idea, I wound up losing a lot of the frame. 
In the final cuts, I tried to minimize the amount of footage taken while the goggle wearer is skiing. In fact, the first video features footage taken only while the goggle wear is stable, minus a head shake or two. In the second, I felt that the traverse at the peak and the catwalk at the end were integral to how we skied the run, so the POV skiing is include, albeit a little bumpy at times. And the catwalk sequence is longer than I would have preferred if I could have had custom length music.
At any rate, enough writing, as I’m hardly a video (or ski) pro. Please take a look.  Hopefully you enjoy them and don’t barf. 

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