On appearing relaxed to the finish

Pics from the 8K two weeks ago finally came out. For what I assume were money-saving reasons, volunteers, rather than pros, took photos of the race. I dug through hundreds of photos and found two “of” me, if you consider out-of-focus photos adequate, which I do.
The photographer was standing near the finish, which I think explains why the other women in the photos look so anguished. In comparison, I look pretty relaxed, although the blurriness helps with that. I’m sure that if the bottom photo were in focus, you’d see my bulging veins. 
There is a slight possibility that I am airborne, too!
Runner 255 crossed the finish line 10 seconds
ahead of me.
The woman next to me finished at the same time I did. 
She also looks really, uhm, awkward.  
I’m not sure if my relaxed expression means that I’m not trying hard enough (which is possible because unless the angle is completely wonky, it would appear that 217 caught me by the finish) or if I just have a good poker face. I’m going with the latter. I promise you, my legs were not feeling awesome at this point, and I was afraid that I had kicked too early. Now that would have been awkward.