On Reaping a Reward from the 30-Day Yoga Challenge

On Friday I was just about halfway through my personal 30-day yoga challenge. Last week in particular, I was doing double workouts every day to accommodate the yoga challenge and my regular exercise schedule: Monday, a morning run and Iyengar in the evening; Tuesday, yoga in the morning and mat Pilates in the evening; Wednesday, taught a morning yoga class and then yoga in the evening; and Thursday, a morning run and yoga (with a focus on inversions and arm balances) in the evening. By the time Friday rolled around, my glutes and piraformis were crying from all the pigeon poses the flow yoga sequences had put them through, and my running legs felt dead. Actually, the running legs felt dead on Thursday. 

Instead of taking a flow 1.5 class on Friday as I had planned, I dialed it back and took a gentle yoga class. It made a world of difference.
Nixed the flow 1.5 class on Friday and took a gentle yoga class instead. Best. Decision. Ever.
Then, of course, on Saturday I set out for a long-for-me run, refueled, grilled a billion burgers, dogs, and veggie burgers at a cookout for a few hours, taught restorative yoga, took an evening yoga class, and then called it a (long) day.
Sunday, I was inspired, in particular by Friday’s gentle yoga class and the latest issue of Yoga Journal. I subbed a vinyasa yoga class, the one that I’ve wondered whether it was the right decision to turn down. I subbed this class a few weeks in January, and the size of this class gives it energy that I love, even though on any given Sunday (great, now I’m going to get internet search hits from people looking up football movies) at least half the class is over age 50. I won’t go into the details of the sequence, but it was fresh, heating, and accessible. Guess what: my Wednesday morning class is going to get the same thing.
And then at the end of the class, I heard those words that will make any yoga teacher’s heart glow — words even better than “Where/when else do you teach?”

“I love your class.”

I’ve been glowing ever since I heard those words.

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  1. Thanks, Amy! Yoga compliments running pretty well because you can find yourself either stretching tight muscles, or building core and upper body strength. The challenge, as always, is fitting it into the training schedule!

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