When Outside Is Hotter and Steamier than Inside the Heated Yoga Studio

Yesterday was Day 21 of the 30-Day Yoga Challenge. It was also the hottest and steamiest day in DC so far this year, and I brilliantly found myself in Audrey’s heated flow class at Yoga District. It was actually cooler inside the studio than outside. And Audrey’s class was a treat.

Since last Friday, when I took Megan’s inspiring gentle flow class at Flow, I took six classes at Unity Woods and Yoga District and used the “I taught” save once, on Wednesday.

click to enlarge, unless you have bionic eyes or are under age 30

This week’s highlights: 

  • Megan’s gentle flow class inspired the all-levels yoga classes that I taught this week. At the end of the Sunday class, one student told me she loved my class, which made me feel like a rock star for the rest of the day. My Wednesday morning class had a different vibe, but two of the students clapped at the end – funny to me because while I’ve seen people clap at the end of other group fitness classes,  this was the first time I’d witnessed people clapping at the end of a yoga class!
  • I took classes taught by my friends Audrey (yesterday) and Andrea (Sunday), both of whom I met through teacher training! Having them share their practices with me was like coming home to something comforting and familiar, especially because their styles  — while different — still echoed that of our teacher, Chrissy Carter.

Only 8 days left in the 30-Day Yoga Challenge!

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