Vacation Miles

Last week was low-key and spent visiting family in Wisconsin, which was in the midst of a heat wave in the beginning of the week. I attempted to take a page out of Jonelle’s book when it comes to maintenance running and super hot weatherOne of the nice things about maintenance mode is that you can check the weather and promptly declare it too hot to run without guilt.” I always forget that. Although, technically, I’m building a base and am not in maintenance mode. Also, I forget that I teach yoga at a gym, where there are treadmills, and that normal people use a treadmill when it’s hot outside.

Anyway, last week, instead of stressing about the miles that I wasn’t accumulating on my running shoes, I…
… went on a few short runs with my brother around the neighborhood.
… dipped my toes into Lake Michigan.

… did the Chicago tourist thing and walked through the entirety of the Art Institute without bonking and then made it through Millenium Park.
… even went to a local yoga studio that boasted a prop room. Seriously, I’ve been in studios in DC that were smaller than this room dedicated to prop storage.
All a long way of saying that the building a base for the half marathon has been sort of on the back burner until my 6-miler this morning in 91% humidity. How DC flirts with such incredible humidity without ultimately raining is beyond me. At that point, you’re whipping out the snorkel and looking for fins or something, you know? Anyway, I haven’t yet developed gills, but I think I may by the end of the summer.
Last week by the numbers:
Sunday4 miles, wicked hot. Went out too late and the Wisconsin sun roasted me and my brother.
MondayGoofed off. Also known as trying not to melt during the heat wave. Dipped toes into Lake Michigan.
Tuesday4 miles at the crack of dawn, before it got insanely hot. People in Wisconsin all wave when you run by.
Wednesday – Drove through two vicious thunderstorms and covered all of the Chicago Institute of Art on foot, which has to count for zen-like cross training or something.
Thursday1.5 hours of flow yoga.
Friday4 miles, chased by 1.5 hours of hatha yoga. Apparently, there isn’t much of a distinction between flow and hatha at this studio. And for a level 2/3 class, I was surprised that there were no arm balances or inversions other than shoulderstand.
SaturdayRest. Uhm. I nearly pulled an all-nighter reading The Help.

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