On Downward Spirals.

Lack of talent aside, this is why I will never be an outrageously speedy runner:
I’m easily distracted. And then from there, it’s all a downward spiral. Not that I’m dramatic or anything.

Here’s what happened last week: basically, I got back from the beach late Sunday night. Then I woke up 5 hours later to go teach a class. Then the Olympics were on at night, even though I already knew all the results I wanted to know. It all spiraled out of control for the rest of the week…going to bed too late made waking up early to run challenging: eat, work, rinse, repeat. By the time Thursday rolled around and I finally made it to bed at a decent hour fell asleep on the sofa waiting for the completion of the women’s gymnastics all around competition and the 200 IM, my body still needed catch-up sleep.

Hold on. I’m looking for some cheese to go with my whine.

A sandy downward spiral!
Last week by the numbers:
Sunday – 7 miles. In anticipation of heading to the beach on Sunday, I slogged through 7 miles the day before. Take that! I spent Sunday rotating between sleeping on the beach, swimming in the ocean, eating cheese and crackers, and wishing I had a soigneur. Or a masseur because Saturday’s dehydrating 7 miles sort of shredded my legs. Random aside, but maybe not so random because this is my blog: Coincidentally, I’ve hit Assateague at least three times now on this weekend, with like a dozen different people. Nevertheless, the realization of this fact this morning took me by surprise. It’s been an interesting few weeks of reflection for me. And by “interesting,” I really mean “kind of sucky.”
Monday – 3 miles + strength1.5 hours vinyasa yoga
Tuesday – Rest. Pilates reformer.
Wednesday – 4 x hills. Rest. For real. I actually went to bed Wednesday night shortly after 10, which is a minor miracle for me. I also had grand ambitions of doing Wednesday’s hills with Thursday’s 3 miles, all before going to a 7AM yoga class. Guess which of these actually happened…..
Thursday – 3 miles + strength. …the 7AM yoga class happened. And a PM Pilates tower class. Phew. The truth is, I have Pilates class passes that are on the cusp of expiration, so I’ve been scrambling to get classes scheduled with the teachers that I like.
Friday – Rest. In my head, I was going to wake up and do three miles and add on Wednesday’s missed hills. Except, I set my alarm for the wrong time. My base building is turning into that catchy but annoying chorus to a top 40 song. Although the body was grateful for more rest, the spirit had a really rough day.
Saturday – 35 minute tempo. Yeah, so basically, I ran once this entire week. My head wasn’t in the running game this week. 
My goal for next week is to get my act together, but from tomorrow through next Saturday, I’m also teaching 8 yoga classes (EEEK). The training schedule for the half marathon starts in two weeks. Thankfully, some things outside of running are in the process of settling. With any luck, there will be a stable foundation on which to build miles and stuff.