On Getting Derailed….and Back on Track

So remember how last time I wrote that things outside of running were settling down, so I was hopeful that I’d soon be able to refocus on training for the Richmond Half? Yeah. Scratch that. That’s why you haven’t heard from me in two weeks.

But now I’m back. Really. Training for the half begins this week. The last two weeks presented a lot of distractions, and we all know that I’m a disaster when it comes to distractions. On the other hand, this summer has really been about building a base so that when the actual half marathon training plan gets going, my chances of injury are minimized and I have some aerobic capacity. I figure, any time I can whip out 6 or 7 miles after having not run for a week, I’ve got something of a base for a half marathon. Right?

Aug 5-11 by the numbers:
I don’t usually include the yoga classes that I teach into this roundup, but during this week, I taught EIGHT classes and managed to keep my running schedule intact. It sort of makes me wonder what the deal is when I have “only” my regular teaching schedule…

Sunday – 8 miles. 4.5 miles. My body quit after 4.5 miles. Sure, the Marines say that “pain is weakness leaving the body,” but I’m not a Marine, and sometimes it’s better to know when to call it. So I called it. I also taught two yoga classes.
Monday – 3 miles strength
Tuesday – 5 x hills. Taught one yoga class.
Wednesday –  Taught two yoga classes.
Thursday – 3 miles + strength (1 hour vinyasa yoga).
Friday – 1 hour vinyasa yoga. Taught two yoga classes.
Saturday – Taught one yoga class.
Last week by the numbers:
Sunday – Taught two yoga classes and went to a breathing class. Believe me, I needed the breathing class.
Monday – 3 miles + strength. 6 miles. What was supposed to be yoga in the evening turned into an aborted attempt to standup paddle board.
Tuesday – Rest.
Wednesday – Rest. Taught one yoga class. 
Thursday – Pilates.
Friday – Rest. There’s a common theme here, no? Taught one yoga class.
Saturday – 4 mile fartleks. Fartleks were on the schedule, but given how little I ran this week, I went out thinking I’d just run 4 miles. It was 75˚ outside, not humid (for DC), and crazy sunny, which duped my body into going out too fast. I get giddy in the sun, I think. In the end, it wound up being a bit of speedplay because I was sucking wind. Also, I taught one yoga class.