Time Marches On….

Last week I decided to modify the Hal Higdon intermediate half marathon training plan that I had been using because I discovered that running 5 days a week and on both weekend days made me grumpy. I had chosen that plan over the novice 2 program, though, because I wanted to throw speedwork into the training regimen. What I’ve decided to do is make the weekends look more like the novice 2 plan (rest Friday, long run on Saturday, xtrain on Sunday) with the rest of the week looking more like the intermediate plan. Then I was thwarted in this effort this week because I managed to strain my hamstring while doing said speedwork. Ugh.

Last week by the numbers:
Sunday – Rest (technically, I was traveling)
Monday – 5 miles and 1.5 hours vinyasa yoga. It was probably 58 degrees when I stepped out for the run, and I had a headwind the entire run. Really. 
Tuesday – Rest.
Wednesday – 35 minute tempo. 1.75 mile warmup, fartleks. Around midday, I decided that fartleks on the National Mall would be more interesting than 35 minutes of tempo running. Also around midday, Ben, who has legs like a baby giraffe (I’m not exaggerating), decided he’d join me for the fartleks. Has anyone ever run fartleks with a  baby giraffe? When you’re only 5 feet tall? It’s a little comical.
Thursday – 3 miles. I woke up with what felt like a strained right hamstring, but I went out after work to see if I could figure out the extent of the strain. Meh. Not great, but also not horrible. Nevertheless, I put off the weekly long run to Sunday early evening, so this week, I ran approximately 10 miles. Yikes. It gets better, I promise.
Friday – Rest.
Saturday – 7 miles. Rest. Nursed the hamstring…

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  1. Oh no! I hope your hamstring feels better. Dumb muscles and their inability to not get strained!

    And I giggled at the thought of a baby giraffe fartleking along the National Mall. Hope this week goes a bit better!

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