Less than One Month Out from the Richmond Half

So this showed up on my Facebook feed last week, after which my immediate reaction was something like “AHHHHHHH!” 
When I saw this gentle reminder, I still hadn’t had a run over 8 miles in over a year. And, my cold was still inexplicably lingering. In short, I was overflowing with confidence. Last week’s training reflects my efforts to get healthy, so the only exercise I did outside of running was one yoga class and teaching my regular yoga classes.
On Saturday I ran a pretty painful 10-mile training run. A few things that I learned: (1) breakfast does not digest in 15 minutes; (2) the packaging for Lemonade Honey Stingers looks awfully a lot like packaging for Cherry Blossom Honey Stingers; (3) I’m faster than I give myself credit for: even with a 2-minute bathroom break, my time over 10 miles was pretty much on par with my training times from last year and last year’s Army Ten Miler.

Pink Lemonade
Cherry Blossom
I didn’t know that Pink Lemonade existed as a flavor…so it was a, uh, surprise when the chews tasted weird. They may have contributed to the bathroom break. Or maybe that was eating breakfast fifteen minutes before running…

Speaking of the Army Ten Miler, it’s next Sunday. So far, my goal is to get into my corral with plenty of time before the start. It’s not like I’m going to win the race or anything, but I feel like I’ve been running to the starts of too many races lately. It’d be nice to be just chilling out before a race for once.

Other highlights from last week included catching the Nats’ sole home playoff win. Alas.

Last week by the numbers:

Monday: 1.25 hours Prana flow yoga. This style of yoga is growing on me, which is huge, given that I am an alignment junkie.

Tuesday: 40 minute tempo. 

Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: 3 miles. 

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 10 miles & massage
Sunday: Rest. Dancing around for 2 hours in a dance rehearsal. Don’t ask. But I can kind of pop n’ lock now without looking like I have a weird twitch.