Friday Non-Sequiturs

First, I’m sending thoughts of safe travel and speediness this Friday to my not-quite former Boston roommate Jonelle, who’s running the Cape Code Marathon on Sunday! Run, Jonelle, run!
As for myself: Holy crap.
Because I’m type A-/B+On a whim, I decided to check in with the Richmond half marathon website earlier this week – before the race organizers sent out the email saying they were ready – to see if bib numbers had been posted. It’s a little over two weeks out, so why not?
Sure enough, they were. Other than the whole “Stephanie has never run over 10 miles” part, this is starting to become real. Deeeeep breath. 
On the other hand, I’ve been riding something of a high from the Army Ten-Miler. In addition to the PR, I was delighted to see decent individual photos of me from a big race. There have never decent individual photos of me from a big race until now. Here are a few of them, pilfered from 
Proof that I can run without my mouth wide open, gasping for air:

Crossing the finish, always elegant.

When you’re in the middle of the pack, it’s crowded at the finish.

Happy racing to everyone hitting the trails or the pavement this weekend!