On Gratitude, the First Half Marathon Version

My mind keeps drifting back to Richmond. Despite not reaching the time goal I’d set for myself a year ago, the race was one of my best executed. Something clicked. I can’t articulate it, so here are Brightroom’s pics to show some of the story.

Clicking: The first time that I’ve seen
myself airborne while running.
Clicking: Being so in the zone that
I have no idea where this pic was taken.
Clicking: Taking advantage of the
downhill finish.

I’m so glad that I took the leap a year ago to register for the half marathon and that the Transporter (aka Delta Mojo) responded to my text a few hours later saying that she’d registered as well.

The Transporter wins for looking like she belongs
on the cover of a women’s fitness magazine.
I registered for the Richmond half marathon alone, so I expected to be there solo. But having the Transporter, whom I’ve known for over 20 years, in Richmond to share not only the race experience but also the before and after experience was a treat. And having the Soigneur there, too? That was the icing on top. 


 Pronunciation: /swʌnˈjəː/



  • a person who gives training, massage, and other assistance to a team, especially during a race.


French, from soigner ‘take care of’

So what’s next? Depending on my health, I’m planning on running a 5K this weekend and going for a PR. Then it’s ski season!
Last “week” by the numbers:

Monday (11/5): Rest.

Tuesday: 4 miles. 

Wednesday: Rest. 

Thursday: 3 miles. Rest.  Oh, and I watched Flow State
Talk about taper…. 

Friday: Rest. I started feeling a tickle in my throat.

Richmond Half Marathon. The throat tickle mysteriously went away.

Sunday: 7.5 mile walk. The Soigneur and I thought it would be genius to walk over to Roosevelt Island, do a loop there, and then walk home.

Monday: 1 hour vinyasa yoga. The throat tickle returns…

Tuesday: 1.25 hours yin yoga. If you ever need to stretch out the hips – in nearly every direction – take a yin class. There will be discussion of meridian lines, energy channels, and connective tissue, and you can take it or leave it, but your hips will thank you.

Wednesday: Rest.

7 thoughts on “On Gratitude, the First Half Marathon Version

  1. Thanks! Miss you, too. Hope everyone is fine, post Sandy.

    It was fantastic to see and spend a weekend with Michelle, although one of her kids gave her a major guilt trip right before she left!

  2. SKI SEASON!! yahhh. O wait, it is like 60 degrees here today. Ugh, I need some snow ASAP. True Life: I belong in a ski town!

    What ski trips do you have planned this year? It doesn't look like heading west is in the cards for me and I am super bummed.

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