Intentions for 2013

My apologies. 
It’s taken an embarrassingly long to get this particular post written: My 2013 non-career-related intentions. 
To the extent that I set anything on a yearly basis, they’re intentions, not goals. Last year, I explained why, and I expanded on that in my not-so-race recap from a holiday not-really-fun run in December, if you want some background.
When I sat down to write this post, I didn’t really feel that I had many extracurricular intentions for 2013. I’ve got some career-related things that I need to deal with in the beginning of the year, which I’m certain make for very dull blog reading. I’ll spare you the gory details.

Without additional fanfare, here are my intentions for my extracurricular activities in 2013:

*  Take a yoga teacher training in either yoga nidra, prenatal yoga, or therapeutic yoga. Stressed out type A’s, pregnant women, yoga practitioners recovering from non-yoga injuries/surgeries, and baby boomers acknowledging they’re not invincible make up a significant number of students in my restorative yoga classes. I love teaching these populations. Greater knowledge of yoga nidra, prenatal yoga, and/or therapeutic yoga will complement my restorative teaching. I have my eyes on a therapeutic yoga training at Pure Prana in Alexandria, VA, and a yoga nidra workshop at Tranquil Space in DC.

*  Develop a home yoga practice. My teacher Chrissy would say that merely taking one mindful breath is yoga. I don’t disagree, but I also need to take some yoga home with me, rather than leaving it at the studios where I teach.  This morning, I went through a sequence that I plan to teach later this week.

*  PR in the 5K and 10K distances. I’d like to focus on shorter distances this year. It turns out that I like speed work, although I didn’t step onto a track once last year. Hm. Better rethink that.

*  Run another trail race. I ran the North Face series’ 10K just outside of DC last year. I’m open to suggestions for other trail races and am willing to travel.  So, really, leave a comment with your ideas. Preferably distances shorter than half marathon (see above), which I know are sort of rare on the trails.

*  Alpine ski. A lot.

*  Completely unrelated to anything fitness-ish other than the inspiration coming from running blogger Amy Lavender, I want to build from scratch a gingerbread house for Christmas 2013. I mean, how awesome was her gingerbread house last year?? Specifically, I want to build a gingerbread ski lodge. I’m not really into have no clue how to make or work with fondant, so my structure will have a more traditional siding. This isn’t a completely ridiculous project for me: once upon a time I wanted to be an architect, and I spent a summer making scale models. And, I eat make gingerbread cookies. This project is a perfect merger of the two. Heh. Riiiiight.

*  Sleep in my tent at least one night. I may even settle for sleeping in a tent not my own. Last year was pathetic on this front. I slept in my tent ZERO times, and it made me realize that I really like sleeping in my tent. There’s something super cozy about the experience for me. Weird, right?

* Finally, continue to nurture my friendships. In real life. Preferably by adding skiing or running or yoga into the mix.

And since these intentions are still outstanding from last year:
*  Ski a line, look up and say, “Holy shitake mushrooms, I just ripped that!” Okay. To be fair, I didn’t exactly say “Holy shitake mushrooms, I just ripped that,” but I skied a pretty sweet line at The Next Level freeskiing camp earlier this month.
*  Ski the Gulf of Slides on Mt. Washington. I don’t really care if it’s in 2012 or 2021. This could happen in May, maybe? It all depends on the conditions. A life intention, really, not a 2013 intention. Dave, do you hear me??

*  Stay injury-free and healthy. This isn’t an outstanding intention. Unlike years past where I marched myself into the doctors office with costochondritis or various issues with my lower limbs, I don’t think I saw the doctor for anything other than regular checkups this past year. It was amazing, actually. Plus, I made the right call when during that holiday fun run it began looking like I would crumble if I continued to run shuffle. But, this should be an intention that I carry with me throughout the years.

*  Sleep 8 hours a night. Similarly, sleeping 8 hours a night is a lifetime intention, too, but I’m sticking it on this year’s list of intentions because it has yet to become a habit.

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  1. I'm excited to see your gingerbread ski lodge! Also, you can buy fondant pre-made at most craft stores (I don't know if you have Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but that's where I buy mine!).

    Great list of intentions!

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