The Great Squaw Valley (Mis)Adventure of 2013

Yes. I made that flashy graphic. Well, not the skier image. That’s why some random guy on a stock photo website is credited. But I put everything together, decided that 3D teal font was the way to go, and even made the cheesy purple fade to pink background. (And I wonder why my career in advertising stalled when I was 19…)
Anyway, the Great Squaw Fiasco MisAdventure of 2013 is on.

Back in the middle of summer, I decided that I needed a vacation. A winter vacation. And I idly (or maybe in a moment of frustration) said that I’d take the month of February off and go skiing. Usually when I idly say something, nothing happens. Except this time, I bought a ski pass to Squaw Valley, rented out a place or two in the valley for three weeks, and – most critically – bought a plane ticket. 

Yikes. What have I done??
I’ve got some other things to take care of while I’m out west, so I don’t plan to be shredding the gnar by day and stumbling home from the Chammy by night on too regular a basis. Well, the latter part, at least. I do hope to get out on my skis nearly every day, but at the same time, I’m trying to maintain a, uh, life-life balance. Good times.
Stay tuned for at least a few posts on this upcoming (mis)adventure, and see you on the slopes!

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