What’s Next?

Contrary to the Ski Tech’s prediction, it took 6 days – not 10 hours – for post-“Great Squaw Valley Fiasco Misadventure of 2013” (aka, the month during which I wore the same red Lululemon Athletica scuba hoodie whenever I wasn’t skiing) depression to set in. That would be Sunday night, when I realized that last week’s 3-day work week, thanks in part to the ‘Noquester faux snow storm, was a fluke. 

If you were in Tahoe in February and didn’t see me 
wearing this when not skiing, then you didn’t see me 
when not skiing. Just sayin’.
So what next?

I upgraded my hoodie to another overpriced hoodie.

Retail therapy at its best.

And I took a yoga workshop with Tiffany Cruikshank.

And I ran for the first time since December November.

It went surprisingly well. Usually when I go for a run after a hiatus, it’s my lungs that give out first. On Saturday, it wasn’t my lungs. It was my quads. Those high altitude training aficionados may be on to something. . .

Thanks to slower recovery time due to getting older, though, I spent yesterday and today embarrassingly hobbling down stairs like I just finished the Boston Marathon. Except I ran 22.7 fewer miles. And just for kicks, I went out for another couple of miles today because I don’t feel like running in the forecasted rain tomorrow (though, really, with the meteorologists’ track record lately, it’ll probably be sunny and 64˚ tomorrow). See? I’m actually training for next month’s 10K.

That’s what’s next.

2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Ugh. This reminds me that ski season will be ending here soon in New England, too, and I'll have to start swimming again. Next week I'm going to Florida to visit my 90 year old dad, who swims half a mile three times a week, and I know he's going to dust me (if that's the right word) in the pool.

    BTW, nice hoodie.

  2. Heh, thanks!

    I'm optimistic about the New England resort and backcountry ski season and trying to rally a friend to do Gulf of Slides or something with me. And just think – the swimming will make you stronger for skiing, right? Right?

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