February Musings

So I’ve been somewhat out of sorts for several weeks, despite a hybrid professional development slash ski trip to the PNW and SLC at the end of January. Usually, ski trips rejuvenate me, but conditions have been so meh this year, it’s been tough.
Heh. Google+ automatically “awesome-ized” this pic with the falling snow. It amuses me, so I’m posting it. In reality, it was pretty springlike at Mt. Hood Meadows, and I think Charlotte’s husband was delightfully surprised when at the top of this I nonchalantly said, “Oh, yeah, that’s skiable.”
But here’s something that cheered me up:
Now, I can’t take credit for this hack, but having my packs hanging rather than resting on the floor is awesome. I was a little taken aback by how small the Sea to Summit “accessory” biners were, though. I thought they would be normal sized but just not weight bearing.


And I have small hands, too!

On the horizon, I’m assisting my restorative teacher, Jillian Pransky, at her winter retreat at the Mohonk Mountain Lodge from February 21 to 23. The resort was recently closed for a possible norovirus outbreak – it’s scheduled to reopen tomorrow, and hopefully everything will be squared away by the time we arrive!